Certifications are critically important to establish consumer confidence in your produce. All aspects of the growth, deliver and supply chain are carefully inspected and certified by the relevant agencies. Daily Fresh Distributing is proud to participate in these
certification programs.

You and your customers can rest assured the produce delivered to you are safe and secure.




The ‘Good Agricultural Practice’ (GAP) guidelines require producers, among other standards, to reduce their use of pesticides and ensure a responsible approach to worker health and safety.

The GLOBAL G.A.P standard is primarily designed to reassure consumers about how food is produced on the farm by minimizing detrimental environmental impacts of farming operations, reducing the use of chemical inputs and ensuring a responsible approach to worker health and



Nutriclean Certified

Among potential food contaminants, pesticide residues are the number one consumer concern. Certified Pesticide Residue Free foods meet a proven standard of excellence that is stringent enough to satisfy organic and conventional food shoppers alike.







Mexico Calidad Suprema

Studies show that the impact of Mexican food promotion campaigns, that include the distinctive Mexico Supreme Quality, in stores has increased the sales of the products by 27 percent. Daily Fresh Distributing and it’s growers hold this certifications.




C-TPAT safeguard the world’s trade industry from terrorists, maintaining the economic health of the U.S. and its neighbors. The partnership develops and adopts measures that add security.

The partnership program creates a system whereby all participants in an international trade transaction are approved by the customs function as observing specified standards in the secure handling of goods. Daily Fresh Distributing  and its growers are certified and verified under this partnership